Thursday, January 23rd - Steve Vellani 6-9pm

Saturday, February 1st - KARAOKE NIGHT with Dave Gagne 8-11pm

Thursday, February 6th - Brendan Lake 6-9pm

Saturday, February 15th - Stonewall Chrome 8-11pm

Thursday, February 20th - Jenny Lou 6-9pm

Thursday, February 29th - Derek Gannett 6-9pm

Saturday, February 29th - LEAP DAY DANCE PARTY

with the SCOLDED DOGS 9-12pm

Thursday, March 5th - Robby Simpson 6-9pm

Saturday, March 7th - KARAOKE NIGHT with Dave Gagne 8-11

Thursday, March 12th - Steve Vellani 6-9pm

Thursday, March 19th - Brendan Lake 6-9pm

Saturday, March 21st - Boogie Mob 8-11pm

Saturday, April 4th - KARAOKE NIGHT with Dave Gagne 8-11pm

Thursday, April 16th - Derek Gannett 6-9pm

Saturday, April 18th - The Work Trucks 9-12pm

Thursday, April 23rd - Robby Simpson 6-9pm

Thursday, April 30th - Brendan Lake 6-9pm